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UK Online Maintenance Training

UK Online Maintenance Training

You can find the recording of the training session on March 22 below.

About the UK Online Maintenance Training

The number of UK sites measuring N2O in real time is increasing rapidly, and water company operators and service companies in the UK are gathering more and more experience with the N2O Wastewater System.

To support your application of the sensor, we created this online session for active users.

The aim of the session is to provide the people carrying out regular calibrations and maintenance of the sensors with a refresher on the practical ins and outs.

In the 1 hour workshop, you can look forward to the following items:

  • Installation of the sensor - common pitfalls
  • Calibration and maintenance - what to take care of
  • Troubleshooting of the system including FAQ
  • Any questions or themes raised the participants

Click "Play" in the bottom left corner of this image to see the recording.

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