Monitor N2O emissions with the N2O Wastewater System
24/7 online monitoring and emission control
Balance aeration savings and N2O production

N2O Wastewater System

Measure dissolved N2O directly in bulk water

If your goal is to reduce the environmental impact from N2O emission, you need robust and reliable real-time N2O measurements in order to implement active control strategies. Read more...

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N2O Wastewater System

Robust and reliable real-time N2O measurements

With the N2O Wastewater System, you get a valuable tool to understand the biological processes that lead to N2O formation and emission. Once installed, the N2O Wastewater Sensor will provide you with real-time data around the clock. This makes it possible for you to directly monitor and control the N2O emission from your wastewater treatment plant.

Balance aeration savings and N2O production

Lowering aeration to a minimum has been a popular strategy at many wastewater treatment plants to achieve energy savings and cost reduction. However, research shows that this leads to increased production and emission of nitrous oxide. When you apply the data from the N2O Wastewater System to balance between aeration savings and N2O production, you can achieve energy savings and a documented positive environmental impact.

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You place the N2O Wastewater Sensor directly in the activated sludge where it measures the production of nitrous oxide during both nitrification and de-nitrification processes. You can either hang the sensor’s waterproof casing directly in the water to let it move freely with the current flow or you can choose a fixed position. With its built-in temperature sensor, the N2O Wastewater Sensor delivers post-normalized data.

Transmit to SCADA or PLC

The signal from the N2O Wastewater Sensor is transmitted via a 4-20 mA signal from the N2O Wastewater Controller to a SCADA or PLC system. You can also log directly on the N2O Wastewater Controller for later downloading on a USB-stick.

Nitrous Oxide Sensor in Wastewater


You will rarely need to clean or service the N2O Wastewater Sensor. The sensor’s glass tip is kept clean by the friction forces created by the water flow.

Calibrate on installation and every second month

When you have installed N2O Wastewater Sensor, you have to perform a 2-point calibration. Follow the steps in the N2O Calibration Kit manual. The only maintenance required is that you recalibrate every second month.

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