N2O Wastewater Controller
N2O WW Controller bottom_1400x800
Displays nitrous oxide levels and emission values
Connect to PLC or SCADA system
Input from 2 N2O Wastewater Sensors
TFT touch screen

N2O Wastewater Controller

Collect data from up to two sensors and transmit directly to your PLC or SCADA system

The N2O Wastewater Controller shows you the temperature compensated N2O levels, emission rates, and process temperatures from up to two N2O Wastewater Sensors. Read more...

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N2O Wastewater Controller

Direct Data Collection and Transmission

With the N2O Wastewater Controller, you collect data from the N2O Wastewater Sensors. You can connect the controller to your plant's PLC or SCADA system to automate the collection of data. You can also choose a USB data logger to extract data directly from the controller to a USB drive without connecting to the PLC or SCADA system.

You can monitor the nitrous oxide levels and emission values from up to two sensors on the N2O Wastewater Controller and adjust the settings with the TFT touch screen.

We have set up standard fixed model parameters to calculate the emission levels in the controller. If you require more accurate emission values, you can add an emission module with dynamic input parameters.

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Sensor calibration

When you perform the sensor calibration every second month, you simply access the controller’s system menu onsite and follow the N2O Calibration Kit manual and/or the N2O Calibration video guides.

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Mounting the N2O Wastewater Controller

You will receive the controller with a mounting plate as standard. You can add a pipe mounting kit and a weather protection canopy depending on where you place the N2O Wastewater Controller.

N2O Wastewater Controller with mounting plate
N2O Wastewater Controller with a weather protection canopy
Input and Output
Feature Description
Controller TFT touch screen controller
Box size and weight 301.5 x 283.2 x 120.5mm, 3.2 kg
Housing Surface-mounted case made of plastic (ABC) | IP67 - dust-resistant and waterproof
Mounting Multiple holes for surface or pipe mounting - mounting plates and weather protection canopy available
Electrical safety According to EN 61010, part 1: Overvoltage category III, pollution degree 2
Power supply AC 110 to 240 V + 10/15%; 48 to 63 Hz
Input and Output
Feature Description
Sensor inputs 2 x N2O Wastewater Sensor with built-in temperature sensor
Other inputs Optional: Air flow (m3/h), 4..20 mA | Optional: 2 x Air flow ON/OFF (Binary input - potential-free contact)
Sensor output 2 x temperature compensated N2O value (N2O-N[mg/L])
Sensor emission output 2 x Emission calculations (N2O-N [mg/m3/d]) with standard fixed model parameters | Optional: Dynamic input parameters
Other outputs Internet, ModBus (serial or TCP) | Optional: 2 x N2O Wastewater temp. sensor | Optional: PROFIBUS-DP | Optional: USB datalogging - software required


Zero point calibration of N2O Wastewater Sensor
Two point calibration of N2O Wastewater Sensor


Kalibration von Lachgas Sensoren - Nullpunkt Kalibration
Kalibration von Lachgas Sensoren - Zweipunkt Kalibration