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No more manual zero point calibrations

Automatic zero-point calibration in case of negative sensor values
Improve your nitrous oxide emissions reporting
Signal an alarm when the temperature changes by ± 3°C

Upgrade for the N2O Wastewater Controller

From 1 October 2023, all N2O Wastewater Controllers will have the Autozero feature as standard which will:

  • Provide an automatic zero-point calibration in case of negative sensor values
  • Signal an alarm when the temperature changes by ± 3°C to tell you when a 2-point calibration is needed
Automatic Zero-Point Calibration

The Autozero feature will set in to ensure that negative values do not impact your emissions reporting by performing an automatic zero-point calibration. So you can rest assured that the sensor is performing as planned. The result will be an output with precise, correct, and clean data for your nitrous oxide emissions reporting.

N2O Wastewater Controller with Autozero

How does it work?

If the sensor shows steady values between 0.00 and -0.05 N2O-N mg/L for 15 min, the Autozero feature will correct the values so that your N2O concentration shows as 0.00 N2O-N mg/L. If the values are continuously lower than -0.05, Autozero will raise an alarm, and you may need to perform a new 2-point calibration.

In other words, you no longer need to perform a manual zero-point calibration, because the Autozero feature will handle that for you.

Autozero chart

You can also look forward to

With Autozero, we have simplified the main screen on your N2O Wastewater Controller. The screen will now show you information on mg N2O-N/L and temperature for each sensor along with each sensor's raw value. So you can always quickly check the raw value and simple sensor readings.

Improved Temperature Compensation

We have learned more about the electrochemistry's temperature through years of intensive data collection. With this knowledge, we have improved the sensor's temperature compensation which means that you can expect no more than ±2.5% error between 3 and -3 °C from the calibrated temperature.

Controller screen AutoZero Corrected
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