N2O WW Calibration Kit 2_1400x800
Quick and easy calibration
Calibration recommended every 2 months
Available as subscription service

N2O Calibration Kit

Calibrate your nitrous oxide sensor every second month

To get started with your nitrous oxide measurements, you need to calibrate the N2O Wastewater Sensor when you install the system. You use the N2O Calibration Kit for the 2-point calibration upon installation and for subsequent calibrations. Read more...

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Safety Data Sheet
N2O Calibration Kit

Calibration kits by subscription

In the box, you will find 3 vials with nitrous oxide solution plus one needle and one syringe.

To calibrate your sensor, you can follow the included instructions or have a look at this instruction video.

Calibration kits on subscription

When you invest in a N2O Wastewater System, we can arrange a subscription that supplies calibration kits for the recommended calibration every second month.

N2O WW Calibration Kit 1_1400x800