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Sales Conditions and Warranty

Unisense Environment General Terms of Sale and Delivery (click here to download as pdf)

When you submit a purchase order, you accept Unisense Environment A/S sales conditions and warranty terms. Please find the full version of this document above.

Time of delivery:
Normally sensors and equipment will be shipped from Unisense Environment within 2 weeks from receipt of order. In matters of great urgency, we can deliver faster than this (please see below). Tailor-made products have longer time of delivery, which is estimated individually depending on the equipment.

Transportation time:
Normally 2 days within Europe, 2-3 days for the US and 4-5 days for the rest of the world. Transportation is certified according to the international standards of Fedex, TNT, or UPS.

Priority production:
Sensors are in general produced by order. If priority production is requested, we will meet the request when possible.

Test of equipment and sensors upon arrival:
Sensors must be examined and tested immediately after receipt. See manual for details. Equipment must likewise be tested immediately upon receipt.

Replacement of damaged sensors:
Our sensors are high quality products, which are individually tested before transportation to the customer. Unfortunately, approximately 1% of the sensors are damaged during transportation. Unisense Environment will replace the damaged sensor provided that:
• The sensor was tested upon receipt according to the delivery note and the manual
• The sensor is returned to Unisense Environment for inspection
• The sensor is correctly packed for return to Unisense Environment according to the note included in the sensor box.

In no event will Unisense Environment A/S be liable for any direct, indirect, consequential or incidental damages, including lost profits, or for any claim by any third party, arising out of the use, the results of use, or the inability to use this product.
Please read our sales conditions for full details.

Time of payment: 30 days after receiving the goods and invoice.
Accepted currencies: US $, Euro €, DKK.
Payment can be completed by: Bank transfer or credit card.
Bank information
Bank: Nordea, DK-8100 Aarhus C
DKK account: 2211 8980513689
IBAN DKK DK3620008980513689
Euro account: 2211 5036691621
IBAN EURO DK8720005036691621
USD account: 2211 5036691648
IBAN USD DK3720005036691648
GBP account: 2211 5036691656
IBAN GBP DK1520005036691656