N2O Wastewater Sensor Head
Expected lifetime of 6 months
Easily replaceable
Kept clean by the flow around it

N2O Wastewater Sensor Head

A Clark-type electro-chemical sensor that measures the concentration of nitrous oxide

The Sensor Head connects to the sensor body, which ensures that the cathode in the Sensor Head is polarized against its internal reference.
Within the sensor, nitrous oxide reduces on the metal surface of the cathode, which creates a current. The sensor body converts the nitrous oxide's reaction with the cathode into a signal which the Controller registers. Read more...

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N2O Wastewater Sensor Head

Low Maintenance and Easy to Replace

The N2O Wastewater Sensor Head measures the concentration of nitrous oxide from inside the sensor body. The sensor head's working range is between 0 - 1.5 mg/L N2O-N. Its detection limit is 0.005 mg/L N2O-N.

You will need to replace the sensor head around every 6 months, because the chemicals inside have a limited lifetime. For this reason, we recommend that you order or request to have new sensor heads delivered in accordance with your measurement schedule.

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Sensor calibration

You only need to maintain the sensor with a 10-minute calibration every second month. You can check out our instruction videos to see how you calibrate the sensor.
The sensor head will be kept clean by the friction force of the flow around it.

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How to Replace the Sensor Head

When you receive a new sensor head, you will also receive replacement instructions and a tool to remove the old sensor head.

We have also made this instructional video to support you when you need to replace the sensor head. We recommend that you use a hard surface and gloves when you push out the old sensor head.


Patent information

This product is covered by the following patents:

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Ordering Information
Ordering Information
Product Working range N2O-N Detection limit N2O-N Application
E-N2O Head 0-1.5 mg/L 0.005 mg/L Recommended for most activated sludge systems
E-N2O Head Low Range 0-0.56 mg/L 0.002 mg/L Recommended for low range effluent measurements
E-N2O Head High Range Option 1 0-9 mg/L 0.03 mg/L Recommended for deammonification and other side stream treatments
E-N2O Head High Range Option 2 0-110 mg/L 0.4 mg/L For specialized applications only


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Zero point calibration of N2O Wastewater Sensor
Two point calibration of N2O Wastewater Sensor


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