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Nitrous Oxide Process Emissions – From Research to Application

See this webinar for the latest in applied research and the status on nitrous oxide monitoring and mitigation at wastewater treatment plants.

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3 Leading Experts and Practitioners from Germany and the Netherlands

Nitrous oxide (N2O) may account for as much as 90% of emissions from wastewater treatment plants. In addition, studies have shown a large degree of variation in N2O emission from plant to plant and in day-to-day emissions from individual wastewater treatment plants.

This makes it difficult to apply a fixed model to predict nitrous oxide emissions. However, there are a range of tools available. With emission data in hand, you can apply strategies to minimize N2O formation and emission.

What you can look forward to

In this webinar, you can learn about the total carbon footprint of a wastewater treatment plant, and you will also learn about measuring and managing nitrous oxide in various systems.

We are thrilled to welcome four speakers to this webinar. Each with individual backgrounds and perspectives on wastewater treatment and emissions management. Learn more about the speakers below.

Program: Nitrous Oxide Process Emissions

  1. Arne Freyschmidt: Evaluation and Minimization of N2O Formation and Emission in Deammonification Biofilm Systems
  2. Floris de Heer: Measuring and Mitigating N2O in (Nitrification-Denitrification) Aeration Tanks
  3. Nick Ivens: Making N2O Monitoring Business as Usual
  4. Panel discussion: The way forward in emission mitigation

Arne Freyschmidt

Arne is a Civil Engineer working in the N-Elimination research group (Head of Research Group: Dr.-Ing. Maike Beier) at the Institute of Sanitary Engineering and Waste Management (ISAH) of the Leibniz University Hannover. His research focus is on greenhouse gas emissions, especially N2O emissions.

N2O formation and emission have been research areas of the institute for more than 25 years (e.g. research projects DFG-Lach 1 + 2, ReNEMo, MiNzE); current work focuses on the identification of causes for high N2O emissions and the development and implementation of strategies to reduce N2O emissions.

Leibniz University Hannover 

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Floris de Heer

Floris is a Consultant at IMD/Waterschap Aa en Maas. He concluded his studies of bioprocess engineering with research at a regional water authority (Waterschap Aa en Maas) to the metabolic routes of N2O production at WWTPs.

Subsequently, he started working at Waterschap Aa en Maas to continue and implement his research. He extended the number of measurements (to 15 sensors on 4 plants), performed the maintenance, analyzed the data and tried to deduce process optimizations for minimizing N2O emissions (while preventing deterioration of nutrient removal).

Recently, Floris switched to IMD, to consult multiple water authorities in the Netherlands and Belgium on N2O measurement and mitigation.


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Nick Ivens

Nick is a Policy Officer & Wastewater Process Engineer at the Regional Water Authority Schieland and Krimpenerwaard. He is a Wastewater Process Engineer with a background in the biological industry.

His daily activities at the Regional Water Authority Schieland and Krimpenerwaard include, but are not limited to, recalculating plants, data analytics, innovation, regulations and of course emission and energy optimization.

Hoogheemraadschap van Schieland en de Krimpenerwaard 

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