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New Service Partner for the Netherlands

Unisense Environment have entered into a co-operation with IMD B.V. as authorized service partner for the Netherlands.

We are very happy to enter into a co-operation with IMD and to offer our Dutch customers access to local expertise. We are certain that our Dutch customers will benefit from the on-site assistance that IMD can offer.

IMD can assist our Dutch customers with installation, calibration, and sensor head replacement. Additionally, they can buy sensor heads and calibration kits directly from IMD. This means that our customers can completely outsource the maintenance of the N2O Wastewater System to IMD.

Contact Siebe Vrieswijk, Sensor Specialist at IMD, if you would like to know more about the services provided by IMD: S.Vrieswijk@imd-ma.nl.

If you are interested in a new installation, you should still contact Unisense Environment directly.


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