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Webinar: Towards Carbon Neutral Wastewater

On this page, you can find the recording of the webinar held on 24 March, 2022.


The webinar includes talks from three guest speakers and Unisense Environment CTO Mikkel Holmen Andersen.

The program for the webinar was:

  1. Christian Baresel (IVL) – 10 years of quantification and mitigation of nitrous oxide emission from wastewater and sludge handling at Swedish WWTPs
  2. Sara Ekström (VA Syd) – Practical experience with nitrous oxide monitoring
  3. Mikkel Algren Stokholm-Bjerregaard (Krüger) – Surveillance and Control of N2O Emissions as Part of the Hubgrade Performance Plant
  4. Mikkel Holmen Andersen (Unisense Environment) – Potentials for N2O monitoring and control strategies
Towards Carbon Neutral Wastewater

Recording of the webinar: Towards Carbon Neutral Wastewater

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